The benefits of getting your car serviced regularly

Getting your car serviced can seem to some drivers like an unecessary extra expense, let's face it we'd most rather spend money on something else. But skipping services can be false economy and there are actually lots of reasons why you should keep your car serviced regularly.

  1. Being able to rely on our cars to work when we need them is important. Regular servicing prevents wear and tear and helps identify problems before they get serious.
  2. A properly maintained vehicle runs more efficiently, saving you money on fuel and a potentially expensive breakdown.
  3. Maintainence of key componenets of the vehicle, like tyres and brakes, reduces the risk of accidents and helps keep you and your passengers safer.
  4. Servicing carried out on time and at an approved garage is an important part of keeping your warranty valid.
  5. Keeping you car in good shape mechanically protects its value. Buyers will look for a FSH (Full Service History), a car which has been well looked after is more likely to sell quickly and for more money.


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